Monday, March 10, 2008

I’m Back from St. Louis!

Have not posted in a few days, because I was away at the NCN St. Louis Minicon. I had a blast!
Attaching here, a photo of my art wall, which unfortunately did not turn out to well, but you get the idea.
Inspiration abounds at these things, and if you have any desire or passion for the art of caricature, you HAVE to go.
I am also attaching here, two caricatures of myself, done at the minicon. One by Los Angeles-based cartoonist, Meesimo. The other, by Japanese artist, Ima! I love them. Also through in quickie sketch of Jerry Seinfeld, for sh**s and giggles.


Trevour said...

Those caricatures of you are hilarious - that Meesimo one especially. That's totally you from the side.

I've been looking at various blogs with pics from the MiniCon, and it's only inspiring me to get better. Maybe I can start planning to make it to the next big one in NC? Do you know if you're going yet? I wanna get in on all the NCN action.

I like that one you did of Kristen McCabe - I don't know her personally but I check out her artwork all the time!

jimbodraw said...


Thanks for posting I love the one Meesimo did too!

I really do want to go to the big one in NC! Here’s hoping.

Yes, Kristen does great work, and she is fun to draw too!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

go-go- goreous pencil work! love the line quality and control.

jimbodraw said...


thanks for the comments - appreciate it!