Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More ST Louis pics

Here go a few more Minicon pics!

Also a quick Lost character study.


Trevour said...

Looks like the Con was a blast!

Those LOST studies are great - I like that Sawyer more than the one on that color sample you did last year! Are you planning on doing another finished Lost piece?


That LOST study is SWEET!
Hope to see it finished. Noice blog, buddy!

jimbodraw said...

Pat and Trevour:

Yes, I am planning on doing a full-on ensemble illustration of the Lost cast. A lot of the fun is in the prep and sketching phase, and I agree with you Trevour, that this Sawyer is better than the last one.

Thanks to the both of you guys, for taking the time and interest to post! I appreciate it.