Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Marlon

If anyone cares, my good friend and fellow artist, Zack Wallenfang, started drawing Elvis everyday, just to keep himself drawing. I thought that was a great idea, and was inspired to draw Marlon Brando everday. Well, drawing him everday got boring, so I drew him whenever. Point here is that sometimes, I get a good one, which I would like to share here - enjoy!


Trevour said...

I like how these both turned out Jim! You can definitely tell it's Brando in both. Great eyebrows.

Cool to see both a younger and more aged version. I like the softness of the first one - I know the airbrush plays a part in that but it goes well with the sepia/vintage look. Is that from 'On The Waterfront?' I can tell the second one is 'Apocalypse Now.' Also really like your color choices for the second.

I should try out this 'drawing every day' thing you speak of. :-)

jimbodraw said...


Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I am pretty sure that pic was from On the Waterfront, though the reference photo I used, was unmarked. That was airbrush and the second was pencil and watercolor pencil.

Yes, I think that it is neat to draw someone everyday, however, you can, or I got a little burnt after a while on one celebrity. I think, as long as you are drawing everyday, whether it be the same celebrity, or other subject matter of your own choosing, that‘s the important thing.

Thanks again for your post!