Friday, February 29, 2008

javier revisited

I got a private email asking me to see more Javier. It just so happens that I did another,
and I am posting that here, though the first sketch is my fave.
Again, this guy is just loads of fun to draw!


Trevour said...

I really like the colors on this one, and the lines. Nice change in values to make that light source stick out. What brand of paper is that on, or is that a cardboard back on a sketchpad?

I still haven't seen this movie yet!

I'll be down tomorrow, if I have time I WILL swing by the mall!

lordmarcus said...

Hi Jim. Just thought I would stop by and say hello. I too just started a blog a couple weeks ago. It's mostly just sketches and the like. feel free to check it out. The stuff you've got up here looks great!

Tom R said...

I like this one also but the other is fantastic.

jimbodraw said...


It is a recycled sketchbook, that my friend and fellow artist, Zack turned me on to. Yeah, it gives your drawings a nice feel, with the brown/beige background.

Yes, the movie, is very good, but I do have issues with the ending - let me know what you think.

jimbodraw said...


Checked out your blog, and posted a comment.
Good stuff!

Thanks for stopping by here!

jimbodraw said...


Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree with you, on the drawings.

See you soon!