Sunday, September 28, 2008

Willie & My Boy

Attaching a pic of my new baby Lucas, born on 9-14-08.
Also, a quickie of good ol’ Willie Nelson.


Beast said...

Congrats on the new boy, ,Jim.
I bet he drinks from a bottle just like you.

jimbodraw said...

Hey Beast:

Thanks alot. Actually, he gets his drink, by other means (if you know what I mean), just like me!

Twan said...

wow jim congradulations. I'm so happy for you.

Trevour said...

Congratulations again Jim! Nice to see a picture. And hey, I remember that Willie! Northtown piece I believe?

Talk to you soon!

jimbodraw said...

Trevour & ’Twan:

Thanks alot guys!
And yes, Trevour - that was an old Willie that I liked, from Northtown.